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Movie - The Twonky (1953)

Part 2 in the Rare Cuts Time Warp 1953!

Join us in the Science Fiction genre, or maybe comedy, yet still Horror? Will this story Frighten or amuse you? In this episode, we tune into Andrew’s Rare Cuts Time Warp: 1953 pick, The Twonky. A Movie where a television set has superpowers and comes to life and changes the life of its owner! The Rare Cuts Media Society takes a look at this B-Movie Bomb and discusses its merits or lack thereof. The panel discusses how it could be adapted for today, and explores whether or not the movie is successful as a comedy, or a speculative Science Fiction! Don't miss the exploration into 1953’s technological thriller, comedy? Horror? Well anyway, its a movie! We watched it! Join the Rare Cuts Media Society as we further our nostalgic journey through the films of 1953

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