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Movie - An Honest Liar (2014)

Part 2 in the Biography Series!

In this episode, we take a deep dive into Mike’s Pick, the fascinating world of the 2014 documentary "An Honest Liar." The film tells the story of James Randi, a renowned magician, and skeptic who spent his career exposing frauds and charlatans who claimed to have paranormal powers. Through interviews with Randi himself, as well as his friends, colleagues, and even some of the people he debunked, the film explores Randi's life and legacy as a truth-seeker and crusader for reason. Throughout the episode, we discuss some of the most memorable moments, including Randi's debunking of faith healer Peter Popoff and his dramatic unmasking of the psychic Uri Geller. Join the Rare Cuts Media Society in taking an in-depth look at 2014’s An Honest Liar!

Music by Lexin_Music from Pixabay

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